Ferguson: Amid Media Suppression & Teargas, People are Organizing


Lost to the media narrative is the peaceful organizing happening in Ferguson. Many groups are there on the ground, and many could use support.

Where to Donate to Support Organizing, Bail Funds & Legal Defense for Protestors in Ferguson: 

Giving opportunities have been compiled at: http://bit.ly/FergusonGivingOptions:

Direct Service/Family Support

If you’re looking to support immediate human needs, there are ONLY TWO CONFIRMED ways to support Michael Brown’s family (confirmed with the family’s representatives). You can give online or donations can be mailed to Fifth Third Bank (all other online campaigns are unauthorized or scams). There is also a campaign to raise money for the Ferguson food bank to help kids who may not get fed because they’re out of school and missing the school breakfast/lunch programs.

Local Organizing Efforts

If you want to support organizing in the area, Organization for Black Struggle is based in Ferguson and they’re raising money now for another organizer as they’re overwhelmed responding to everything.

There is also a bail/legal fund to support protesters being targeted by police, MORE (Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment) is stepping up their support of those who have been jailed, and there is a newly formed league of young organizers being coordinated by Young Activists United St. Louis.”

At least eleven journalists have been arrested so far, according to a count by the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Intercept Journalist Ryan Devereaux arrested in Ferguson

One of the arrested journalists, Ryan Devereaux, recounted the experience to The Intercept:

“With rifles trained on us, we turned right on Highmunt Dr., in the direction of W. Florissant and toward another police vehicle, which had more guns pointed at us. As we made our way forward, I heard a pop and felt a stinging in my lower back. I jumped up instinctively, and realized that the officers behind us, the ones who had asked us to move forward, had shot us with what I believe were rubber bullets. I was hit once and Hermsmeier was hit twice.

The shooting left a mean bruise, but all the guns trained on us provided an ample distraction from the sting. We were frightened. The police, who made no verbal commands that we had heard, had clearly demonstrated their willingness to shoot us.”

The same teargas in use in Ferguson has been used in the West Bank

Yes! Magazine:

“the same Pennsylvania-based company, Combined Tactical Systems, whose tear gas and other crowd control products are used in the West Bank (most recently at a demonstration near the military prison known as Ofer), are now being used in Ferguson.

The Guardian’s Jon Swaine tweeted a photo of an undetonated “mini bang” tactical grenade found in Ferguson, which was made by Combined Tactical Systems:

Multimedia journalist Joanne Stocker (@sabzbrach) and activist Robin Jacks ( @caulkthewagon) have been compiling photos of the tear gas and other weaponry used in Ferguson, documenting the models and manufacturers on a public spreadsheet, as well as noting deaths due to tear gas worldwide.”

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